Leire & Dunton Scouts present The Snow Witch Project. Watch it here -https://vimeo.com/676568168
Coming soon... Leire & Dunton's second panto replacement feature... The Snow Witch Project
Leire & Dunton Scout Group needs a new Treasurer, a new Secretary & more people to sit on the executive committee.
The Scouts had a brilliant time at the District St. George's Weekend.
I’m not a volunteer. I get paid handsomely for my work. I get a day’s wages and more every time a young person genuinely says thankyou, every time I see that light in a young person’s eye that says “I get it now”, every time a young person passes on skills they’ve learnt to someone else, every time I see a young person find the courage to try something new, every time I see a young person grow to be stronger than they were, every time I see a young person be unafraid to show the world who they really are, and every time I see a young person make this world a better place. If you’re having doubts about volunteering to help young people – don’t – just do it.

Volunteer Vacancies

We welcome volunteers for all of our sections, and to join our executive committee at all times.

But below are the roles we most need to be filled at the moment.

All three sections, Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, could do with more Leaders. The more Leaders we have, the easier it is for everyone, and it needn't even be a weekly commitment if we have enough.
The executive committee meet three or four times a year. The chairperson, treasurer, secretary and other team members ensure the group is running smoothly...