A decent sleeping bag is perhaps one of the most important items of kit that a young person will need on camp, especially when it’s colder.

We recommend the mummy style sleeping bag for all camps. They are designed to more closely fit the shape of the body than obolong sleeping bags, thus keeping you warmer. They are rated by the number of seasons that they’re suitable for use in.

2 Season

For use in the spring and summer, and usually into early autumn as well. Will usually have a lower ‘comfort rating’ of between 0 and 5 degrees centigrade. It will suit the majority of camps a young person is likely to go on.

3 Season

For use in the autumn, and into early winter. Will normally be comfortable down to about -5 degrees centigrade. This type of bag will normally be plenty for the camps that Scouts are likely to go on.

4 Season

For use in the winter only, comfortable down to about -10 degrees centigrade. It’s only really worth buying a bag of this rating if you expect to be going on a number of camps in the winter, in January / February. However, if you have a tendency to feel the cold, it may be worth getting one of these rather than a 3 season.