Campsite Activities

It may be tempting to book activities such as climbing, shooting, abseiling etc. for the whole weekend. But as you’ve seen from the previous page, activities such as these are generally high up on your expense list, so it’ll turn out to be very expensive if you do try to do this.

If you’re camping in the spring or summer, activities may get booked up very quickly as well. On the other hand, if you’re booking for the autumn or winter, some activities might not be able to be run (volunteer availability, weather conditions etc.).

Check with the campsite to see if the activities you’re booking have any special requirements. Air rifles, for example, will require everyone taking part to have special parental consent. Some activities may be age restricted, or be more suited to particular ages. 

‘Free’ Activities

Think about the activities you’ve done before on camps that don’t cost anything, but are still just as enjoyable as activities you have to pay for. Hiking, pioneering, geocaching etc. Ask Ceri for ideas as well.

Commercial Activities

You can book activities at somewhere like Go Ape or similar, but be aware that it will probably be a lot more expensive than at a Scout campsite. Also, you’ll have to ensure that the activities they run are done to the same safety standards as Scout activities.