Campsite Fees

Most campsites will ask for a deposit before the camp, and will ask you to settle up with the rest (the balance) before you leave the campsite at the end of the camp.

Some campsites will take online payments, but some may only accept cheques – make sure you know how they want to be paid beforehand so that you’re prepared.

Make sure you get a receipt when you pay. It should show what you’ve paid on the day, and have a detail of any deposit paid beforehand.

Food & Other Consumables

Whoever bought the food and other consumables (gas etc.) should give you receipts to show exactly how much has been spent. Give these receipts and the campsite receipt to Ceri straight after the camp (or as soon as possible) so that he can get everyone reimbursed.


After the campsite and activity fees have been paid, and after everyone has been reimbursed for food purchases, if there is a substantial amount left over (more than £5 per head), you should offer to refund everyone. You could also give them the option of having the amount deducted from the next subs payment to make it easier.