When You Arrive

Check in with the campsite warden to let them know you’ve arrived – this should be the first thing you do. They may have important messages for you, and they need to know who is onsite.

The next thing you need to do, when you’ve got your kit to where you’ll be camping, is to set up camp. You should get everything done straight away – don’t be tempted to play a game or anything else before you’ve got your tents pitched, your kitchen set up and all of your equipment and food safely stored.

During The Camp

There are a number of things you need to keep in mind while you’re running your camp.

  • Morale – make sure everyone is happy. You don’t need to keep asking everyone if they’re happy – it should be pretty obvious if someone is upset. At the start of the camp, talk to everyone (as we normally do), ask everyone to look out for each other, and to speak up if they are upset about something. You may need to keep a closer eye on some more than others.
  • Food – is everyone eating? Hopefully people will speak up if they are hungry outside meal times, but keep an eye out to make sure everyone is eating enough.
  • Discipline – if someone isn’t towing the line and is causing problems, take them to one side, along with your deputy, and tell them. You’re in charge.
    However, don’t be afraid to ask Ceri for help if you do feel the situation is beyond you. Also, if someone’s behaviour has reached the stage where you feel sanctions (such as being sent home) need to be considered, you must ask Ceri to get involved.
    Hopefully, everyone will work together to make sure all of the above things happen, so it won’t just be on your shoulders. Running your own camp should be fun. Make sure that you’re looking after your own morale, that you’re eating enough, and definitely make sure that you follow the rules yourself.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

During the camp, at any time, don’t be afraid to ask Ceri for help. If that’s to deal with a situation, a person, or if you need advice – just because you’re the ones running the camp doesn’t mean that you need to deal with everything on your own.

Ceri will also be as involved as you want him to be – he’ll camp with you, or camp in the next field and leave you alone. If you do want to be left alone, he will check on you once or twice (as the campsite wardens might as well), but he’ll only intervene (step in and deal with a situation) if you ask him to, or if he thinks he really needs to.