Camp Expenses

Below is a list of the expenses you’re likely to encounter (in rough descending order of amount) :

  • Camping fees
  • Activities (climbing, shooting, archery, etc.)
  • Food & Other Consumables
  • Fuel (gas for stoves, meths for Trangias etc.)
  • Travel (if the camp is outside Leicestershire, pay travel expenses to people giving lifts or towing the trailer)

How Much Will Everyone Pay?

Once you know roughly how much the total cost will be for the camp, add 10% of the total amount as a contingency. This is so that you’ve got enough money if you end up paying more for food than expected, if you use more gas than expected – it’s much better to be able to give people money back if you’ve got a surplus at the end than it is to ask them for more.

Divide the total by the number of Scouts who are attending. That will give you the amount you’re asking everyone to pay. At this point, if the amount you’re charging people seems unreasonable for what you’re doing, double check your figures and look for where you might be able to make savings – you might have been overly ambitious about the amount of activities you’re planning. Also, if the amount you’re charging people seems suspiciously small, double check that you haven’t missed something out.

Have a look at the ‘Types of Camp’ page for an idea of what we normally charge for camps –