Medical Form

It’s very important that you know about any potential medical issues or dietary needs before the camp, so you can make any neccessary adjustments to the menu and so that you know what to expect.

Using Camp Medical Form.docx, fill in the event details on page 3 – dates, times, venue and home contact details. Your home contact is someone the parents can phone if, for whatever reason, they can’t get through to you or Ceri during the camp. It’s also someone that you can phone to pass on messages to the parents if there is an emergency. It should be someone who isn’t related to anyone on camp. If there is any special kit needed for the camp, add it to the kit list on page 3.

Hand out the form to the participants at least a week before camp to give parents time to fill it in. Ideally, ask for it to be handed back to you before the camp – if that’s not possible, ask the parents to let you know of any specific dietary requirements (vegetarian, allergies etc.).

Make sure you read through the forms before camp so you know of any potential issues.