After going through the risk assessment, and approval process, Scouts had their first face-to-face meeting for over a year this week. We met at Ullesthorpe Campsite, which has been set up to handle three separate groups at a time in a Covid-safe manner.

This week the Scouts just played (modified) wide games, using lengths of foam pipe lagging to tag each other from a distance. It was obvious they’d missed the simple pleasures of just being able to meet, chat and play games together outdoors. After initially being a bit quiet, they very quickly returned to their normal loud and enthusiastic selves. We now have a mixture of Scouts who were with us before lockdown, those who had only just joined us before lockdown, and those who have known only virtual Scouts, joining us during the last year.

Over the next term we’ll be getting back to doing all of the outdoor activities we’ve been missing over the last year – cooking, fires, orienteering and more – all socially distanced of course. Then perhaps during the next year, we can also get back to camping!



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