(adapted from Scouts Activities online)


‘Food-doku.xlsx’ Excel file

PC with Excel


Open the ‘Food-doku’ Excel file.

Start off with the beginner grid (green). Copy the food symbols from those in the top left hand corner and paste into the grid to make a healthy diet. Each row or column should contain at least one fruit, vegetable and carbohydrate, and a protein, piece of dairy or glass of water. Then move on to the intermediate grid (orange).

With the difficult grid (pink), each row and column should contain only one of each type of food.

Try designing your own on one of the blank grids below and challenging a member of your family to complete it.

Save your completed Excel file and attach it to a reply to the ‘Food-doku’ topic on The Scout Hut Activities forum. Say in your reply why you think sleep is important to tick off the badge requirement.

Bits of Badge Covered:

Skills Challenge—Show you understand why eating a sensible diet and getting enough sleep is important.

There may well be others—look it up! www.scouts.org.uk



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