(taken from Scout Activities online)


Newspaper, magazine or copy of a page from a book (DON’T use original books!)

Pens & pencils


Scan over your newspaper or magazine article for a ‘theme word’ (a word that particularly sticks out) to inspire a possible topic for the poem.

Now look over the article more carefully and lightly circle in pencil any words that connect with your theme, or that resonate with you – it might just be a word that sounds good. Don’t circle more than three words in a row. If possible, pick words that work on their own.

You should piece together the circled words in the same order as they appear on the page (left to right, top to bottom). Aim for about eight lines of poem.

Go through the poem. Do you want to remove or change any words? Go back and choose different words if you want, until the poem sounds like you want it to.

When you’re happy with it, mark out the words in pen (use different colours for different lines if you want). You could even draw a picture in between your words (like the examples in the PDF).

Be a blackout poet _Activities_Scouts.pdf


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