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Waste plastic items



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Common Sense Assessment:

Scissors—be careful when cutting plastic not to cut yourself.

Sharp edges—round off any sharp points, or make sure they’re not going to injure anyone.


My original idea was to do this in patrols, and to make one big plastic sculpture out of all the bits of plastic you’d collected. We obviously can’t do that.

So, I thought if you make your own plastic sculpture, and use it in a poster or similar to highlight the problems posed by plastic pollution. My embarrassing example attempt is attached.

You could also include a couple of facts about the subject you’ve found from the internet to make your poster more informative and useful than mine.

Post your posters (save them as a PDF or JPEG) at our Virtual Scout Hut with a few words about it—

(follow the link ‘How to Join The Scout Hut’ if you haven’t joined up)

Bits of Badge Covered:

World Challenge—Take part in an activity that explores an international issue

Creative Challenge—Construct a model using materials like a plastic kit or recycled items.

There may well be others—look it up!

Ceri’s embarrassing example attempt…


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