It has been a great weekend for South Leicestershire Scouting at Bibby’s Farm Campsite. Team Tyas of South Leicestershire Explorers came first in the 15 mile Bibby’s Farm Yomp, and Team One of Leire & Dunton came third in the 13 mile Pike View Hike.

Both the Explorers and L&D are Pike View/Bibby’s Yomp veterans – the Explorers have won the Yomp several times over the years, and L&D came away with their first win last year.

After a rather wet journey up to Chorley on the Friday night, the rest of the weekend’s weather was fantastic. Blue skies and sunshine, while South Leicestershire had cold and wet weather. Both teams had an early start, the Explorers having an even earlier start than the Scouts. But both teams completed their hikes in good time and with great team spirit.

On the Saturday evening, L&D joined the Explorers around their fire for campfire games, popcorn and crisps.

Many congratulations to both teams on their success!


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